About The Institute

The Environics Institute for Survey Research was established by Michael Adams in 2006 to promote relevant and original public opinion and social research on important issues of public policy and social change. It is through such research that organizations and individuals can better understand Canada today, how it has been changing, and where it may be heading.

The focus of the Institute’s mandate is to survey individuals and groups not usually heard from, asking questions not normally asked.  Integral to the Institute’s approach is:  a) early consultation and engagement with populations to be surveyed to ensure a respectful approach in how the research is conducted; and b) broad dissemination of research findings to stimulate constructive discourse and informed responses to the research findings.

The Institute pursues this mission by:

  1. Sponsoring survey research on issues of public importance which are not being addressed by other  organizations (e.g., governments, media, foundations) in Canada and abroad;

  2. Proactively disseminating Institute-sponsored research to encourage its use and impact, through media partnerships and by providing access to academic researchers, students, foundations, think tanks, and journalists;

  3. Encouraging informed public discourse on issues related to Institute-sponsored research;

  4. Promoting the importance and role of survey and social research in public policy and democracy through outreach activities (e.g., publications and public commentary, events, partnerships); and

  5. Serving as a centre of excellence for responsible public opinion research methods and application, through education, training and consulting.

The Institute seeks to collaborate with other organizations that share its broad objectives and want to play a substantive role in specific research initiatives (as advisors, study partners, funders, and media partners).

The Environics Institute is a not-for-profit corporation, incorporated under the laws of Ontario. 

For a list of Institute projects, see here.