AmericasBarometer 2017

The AmericasBarometer is a 29 country public opinion survey on democracy, governance and civic engagement, conducted every two to three years by a consortium of of research partners across the western hemisphere

The Environics Institute has been the Canadian partner on this research program since 2012, and has published results in 2012 and 2014. The 2017 survey is now underway, and will address such questions as:

  •  How do Canadians feel about democracy in Canada today?
  • What tolerance do Canadians have for political dissent (through demonstrations, etc.)?
  • How much confidence does the public have in the justice system and other key institutions?
  • How have such opinions among Canadians changed over the past few years; and
  • And how do such opinions compare with those of Americans, Mexicans, and citizens in Central and South American countries?

The survey results will be released in late Spring. Stay tuned for further details.