Sex in the Snow

In this 1997 bestseller, Michael Adams describes the trajectory of social change in Canada, illuminating the society's movement over the latter half of the 20th century from values of religiosity and deference to authority to those of secularism and autonomy. Dividing the population into twelve distinct social values "tribes," Adams argues that for Canadians demography is no longer destiny. In contemporary Canada, individuals' identities are increasingly defined not by traditional demographic markers such as age, race, gender, and class, but by their personal values and worldviews aspect of their existence

"An intriguing mix of social values research, funky insights, and provocative speculation." — The Ottawa Citizen

"Adams's book has much to offer. It is a useful corrective to the determinism of popular demography."The Globe and Mail

"Sex in the Snow is a serious and intriguing analysis of a nation and society in transition." — Maclean's