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October 01, 2012

Black Experience Project draws together community leaders across the GTA

Late last month, 35 leading trailblazers from the region’s Black community gathered at Ryerson University’s Cara Commons to discuss the Black Experience Project in the GTA, a landmark study soon to be launched by the Environics Institute, in collaboration with Ryerson’s Diversity Institute, the United Way of Greater Toronto, the YMCA of Greater Toronto, and the Atkinson Charitable Foundation.  

The economic, educational, social and political disparities experienced by the Black community in Canada are well documented but there is a notable absence of empirical research into the underlying factors that account for the particular challenges faced by the diverse Black communities in the GTA. This study will:

  1. Break new ground through exploring the lived experiences of individuals within the Black community, in order to better understand the underlying nature of the opportunities and challenges; and
  2. Provide valuable insight and direction in identifying policies and other initiatives that will contribute to future success.

But this will not be “just another study”; to accomplish this, the Institute and its partners will be seeking broad community input early on to ensure the research focuses on the issues and questions of greatest relevance to the Black community. Over the next several months, 15 community engagement sessions will be held across the GTA.  

The trailblazers session produced rich information, as attendees engaged in courageous conversations that will significantly contribute to the implementation of all project phases. We thank these amazing leaders, our moderators and organizers for contributing to this innovative study, providing context, voice and expression to present the Black experience through a different dimension.  We look forward to their continued involvement in the study.

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