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December 14, 2012

Canadians still care about climate change, and are ready for a carbon tax

 Climate change has been starkly absent from the public agenda in Canada over the past year, but this does not mean the public has lost interest. Canadians are as attentive and concerned as they were 12 months ago, and are looking for government leadership to address the growing challenge of global warming, including a carbon tax like the one in British Columbia. This is the main conclusion from a national public opinion survey recently conducted by the Environics Institute.


Key results include the following:

  • Close to six in ten (57%) Canadians now believe the science is conclusive that climate change is real and caused mostly by human activity. Only 12 percent remain skeptical that global warming is happening
  •  Canadians are increasingly looking to government (59%) rather than to industry (17%) or consumers (10%) to take the necessary steps to address the climate change challenge.
  •  Almost two-thirds (64%) of British Columbians now approve of their provincial carbon tax, and 59 percent of Canadians in the rest of the country would support a BC-style carbon tax in their own province.

The results are drawn from the Institute’s 2012 edition of Focus Canada, a national public opinion survey conducted on an annual basis to provide a credible, independent and sustained source of Canadian public opinion on important issues affecting the country. 



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