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August 05, 2014

Institute launches new study on governance and the public service

The Environics Institute is partnering with the Ottawa-based Institute on Governance to conduct a landmark public opinion study on governance and the public sector in Canada.

Governments face unprecedented challenges in the early 21st century, stemming from global and domestic pressures. Elected officials are front and centre as the leaders taking responsibility for government policy and making the important decisions, but behind the scenes is the public service that is responsible for making government run and the implementation of policy.

What do Canadians know and think of their country’s public sector institutions, and the people who run them?  Anecdotal evidence is helpful, but research is required to accurately reveal current public awareness, knowledge, perceptions, expectations and priorities of Canadians generally, as well as by important segments of the population (by region, demographics, engagement in public affairs).

The survey is now in the field, with results to be released this fall. For more information, contact Keith Neuman.

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