Research Commentary

A series of independent commentaries on published public opinion and social research in Canada

The content of these commentaries represents the perspective of the authors and the Environics Institute, and in no way reflects the views of the Environics Group of Companies.

Do Canadians really have a problem with the niqab?

The niqab and its place in our citizenship ceremonies emerged suddenly in the last weeks of the current federal election campaign. Religious garb has been a hot button issue in Quebec in recent years, reflecting Quebecers’ discomfort with religious minorities in its highly secular culture. But this became a national election issue in large part when the news broke that opposition to the niqab in citizenship ceremonies was a view shared by a strong majority of Canadians across the country. But is this really true? Read more


"Government too generous with aboriginals, Canadians tell pollster."

On June 30, 2012, Post Media News and Global Television published a story with this headline, reporting on a recent public opinion survey on Canadian attitudes towards immigrants and Aborigional Peoples.  Read more...


What do Muslim Canadians Want?

The stated objective of this study is to “contribute to an understanding of Canadian Muslims’ attitudes to the pluralist-democratic values that matter deeply to Canadians.”  Read more...